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We offer Crowns that are secure and durable

When damage to teeth is too extensive to be repaired by fillings, crowns are the next best option. When your crown is fitted, it’ll become the outer layer of your tooth, protecting any of the original damaged enamel.

You may receive a crown when:

Replacing a large filling if a tooth is too damaged for repair

Protecting a weak tooth from breaking

Restoring a broken tooth

Attaching a bridge to your jawline

Covering a dental implant

Covering a poorly shaped or badly discoloured tooth

Covering a tooth which has had root canal treatment

Cerec Crown in a DAY!

In addition to having your new smile in just one day, there are also many other benefits to having a Cerec:

No temporary restorations needed
No impressions required
Aesthetic – made to match the shape and colour of your existing tooth
Long lasting – based on over 25 years of research and millions of restorations placed world-wide

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