General Dentistry

We’ll give you general dentistry to keep your teeth in perfect shape

Our general dentistry options are anything but run of the mill. We go out of our way to ensure that you receive the best service, making sure you’re treated kindly and calmly by every one of our staff members.

We offer general dentistry in:

Bad breath (halitosis)

Stained teeth

Dry mouth

Mouth ulcers

Receding gums

Gum disease

Bleeding gums

Denture problems

Crooked teeth

Tooth decay

Tooth erosion

Missing teeth

Tooth pain, including pain from wisdom teeth

Tooth sensitivity

Chipped teeth

Diabetic patients

Oral cancer

Effects of smoking

Nervous patient sessions

This isn’t an exhaustive list of our services. We can offer you almost every type of general dentistry you need, so get in touch to find out more.

At Knighton Dental, we understand that affording the dental care that you need and want isn't always feasible, that's why we offer up to 12 months interest free credit, with other finance options available for up to 36 months.

Use our handy finance calculator below to calculate your monthly repayments.

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