• Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Save your infected teeth with root canal treatments from us

Root canal treatments are a vital procedure when it comes to removing decay and infection from the nerve chamber of your teeth. In some cases, they could mean the difference between a tooth being saved or being removed.

At our contemporary practice, we want to give you a smile you can be proud of. That’s why we make sure you can receive root canal treatments from us, using only the finest technology to retain your original teeth.

Your treatment is a highly skilled procedure, one which requires a level of precision we’re proud to provide for you. At Knighton Dental, we use a Wave one system and Apex locator to ensure your root canal treatment is carried out to the best possible standard.

With a root canal treatment from us, you’ll receive:

A complete treatment in one or two sessions

A local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel pain during the procedure

A dedicated team which will do all it can to save your teeth

In the event that your teeth can’t be saved by root canal treatment, we’ll remove the infected tooth or teeth as soon as possible, making sure that no infection spreads and offering you replacements for your natural teeth.

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