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Restoring worn teeth is extremely beneficial for the aesthetic and condition of your smile and oral health.

Here at Knighton Dental, we can take on complex tooth wear cases and perform full mouth rehabilitation to get you smiling again.

Whilst you may not experience any notable symptoms when tooth wear first occurs, once it becomes chronic, it can have repercussions in the following ways:


Tooth wear initially affects the enamel protective coating on your teeth. Once this becomes worn, your teeth can appear darker. You may also start to notice your teeth have changed size and shape.


Once your tooth enamel has reached a certain point of wear, this can leave you vulnerable to cavities and even a dental infection attacking the living tissues within a tooth.

Pain and sensitivity

When bacteria affect the living tissues inside a tooth, this can result in inflammation, extreme sensitivity, and abscesses.

Bite problems

Extreme tooth wear can affect how your teeth bite together and make it more difficult to have future restorative treatment, especially if very little tooth structure remains.

Prevention and education

A big part of treatment is preventing any further wear from occurring, thus preventing tooth loss. If you have developed tooth wear due to grinding in your sleep, we can look at creating a night-time splint for you to wear.

We can also investigate lifestyle habits or medical conditions that may have led to worn teeth and help you address these.

Other common causes of tooth wear besides grinding include:

  • A high-acid diet.
  • Consuming too much sugar.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Brushing your teeth tooth hard.


To restore the form and function of worn teeth, we may suggest building them back up with crowns, veneers, or composite bonding.


What is tooth wear?

Tooth wear (when teeth become worn due to factors other than decay) is a serious threat to your oral health and general well-being.

How is tooth wear treated?

When approaching a tooth wear case, we will always seek to provide conservative treatment that will preserve and rescue as much of the healthy portion of the tooth as possible.

The type of treatment we suggest will depend on the reason for your tooth wear and the condition of the remaining tooth structure.

How much is tooth wear treatment?

Your dentist will be able to give you a breakdown of the costs involved once they have fully examined your teeth. In complex tooth wear cases, the use of more than one technique may be required to rebuild your smile and oral function.

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