3 ideal reasons to have your teeth whitened

For many people, a smile lies at the centre of your welcome to strangers, beating handshakes or a continental peck on the cheek.

A smile is the universal sign of cheerfulness and openness – and it doesn’t look nearly as impressive when your pearly whites don’t look as healthy as possible.

Maybe you’re a coffee drinker who’s allowed staining to damage their teeth. Perhaps you love nothing more than a glass of red wine after work and don’t brush frequently enough. Or maybe you’re simply a victim of time and feel your teeth haven’t weathered the ageing process as much as you’d like.

Either way, there are many reasons to whiten your teeth. To help you know when it’s time to consult us about teeth whitening, we’ve put together a handy list of warning signs that your teeth might need to look a little cleaner.

You’re sick of staining

Staining can occur on your teeth if you frequently eat a number of foodstuffs. Common problem foods and drinks that cause staining are:

  • Coffee
  • Red and white wine
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Pomegranates
  • Tea
  • Coca-Cola and other soft drinks

Even if you brush directly after consuming any of these products, stains will build up. When you feel like those stains have become dramatic, the teeth whitening procedure is well worth considering.

If you’ve given up smoking

Having your teeth whitened could be the perfect excuse to stick to that ‘no more smoking’ pact you’ve made with yourself.

Charlie Brooker, award-winning writer of Black Mirror and Cunk on Britain, did exactly that.

He viewed the teeth whitening procedure as a reward for giving up cigarettes, and thought it would be a waste of money if he went back to his old habits again. Teeth whitening could be the blank slate you need.

You want a self-esteem boost

A yellow or brown smile can cause your confidence to plummet, but whitening your teeth could help bring a little of that confidence back.

While the procedure might not turn your teeth brilliantly white, we can make them a few shades whiter than they previously were.

We use the Enlighten Deep Bleaching System to ensure your teeth are noticeably whiter by the end of the procedure – for more details get in touch on 01162 707803.

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