4 fantastic benefits of the Invisalign treatment

Some of the clients we receive never had braces when they were teenagers. Instead, they’ve made do with crooked teeth for the majority of their lives.

But when they grow a little older, the cosmetic annoyance of having a crooked set of pearly whites can feel restrictive to their lifestyle.

That’s why, if you want to be able to smile with confidence in family photos, Invisalign is the perfect teeth-straightening option for you.

To help you find out more about this ‘invisible’ teeth-straightener, take a look at these four reasons why Invisalign is an excellent cosmetic procedure.

1. It won’t affect your day-to-day lifestyle

A standard set of braces are unmissable when you smile, and for some people that level of visibility can be uncomfortable and awkward.

But Invisalign is effectively invisible, so you can smile and live your usual lifestyle without having to worry about people noticing that your teeth are being straightened.

2. Designed to be flexible

You live a busy life, one filled with family functions, nights out with friends and meetings with clients.

And with Invisalign, flexibility is part of the package.

Want to enjoy your favourite foods without restrictions? Then you can take out Invisalign without affecting the treatment. Want to play a game of rugby or other contact sports? Then pop the Invisalign aligner out of your mouth before a game.

3. Added comfort

Invisalign is made from a material known as SmartTrack which is specially designed to provide you with more comfort than regular braces.

This material fits to your gum line more effectively, makes your aligner easier to remove, and is less painful than braces.

4. Short visits to your dentist

The Invisalign treatment is designed to disrupt your schedule as infrequently as possible.

That means you’ll only have to visit your dentist once every six to eight weeks for non-invasive visits.

We hope you understand the benefits of Invisalign a little more now you’ve read our list.

If you’d like to discuss the treatment further, get in touch on 01162 707803 to book a free consultation.

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