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26 February 2018

Flash that smile – 5 cosmetic hotspots your dentist can enhance

With a new consumer survey revealing two-fifths of Brits are unhappy with their teeth, it’s little wonder people are curious about cosmetic dental treatments.

But if you’re bamboozled by the different benefits of crowns, bridges, veneers and implants, don’t despair — here are five cosmetic hotspots that can be enhanced by your dentist.

1. Cheekbones and jawlines

Dental health can change your face in ways that might not be immediately obvious.

In males, strong cheekbones and square jawlines are innately perceived as more attractive because they subconsciously suggest good health and vitality.

But squint smiles, and misaligned teeth make facial structures look droopy and less defined — defects that can sometimes be corrected through the use of crowns and bridges.

A good dentist can help you achieve that chiselled look that turns heads as you pass.

2. Missing teeth

There are lots of reasons you might lose teeth — apart from decay, full-contact sports or accidents are common culprits.

But missing teeth can impact you in a number of ways — diminished job prospects among them.

38 per cent of job applicants fail to smile during job interviews, and this negative non-verbal cue turns recruiters off.

But if you’re afraid to crack a grin because of missing teeth, implants provide a superb solution that lets you flash a fabulous smile without thinking twice.

3. Crooked teeth

A social experiment on the dating site Plenty of Fish revealed that a crooked smile is the ultimate turn-off when it comes to online romance.

Several single site members created two profiles each — one featuring a photo with a perfect smile and the other with crooked, discoloured teeth.

The profiles with stunning smiles received 60% more messages than those without.

So if you want to get ahead in the dating game, porcelain veneers close unattractive gaps between teeth and make them appear straighter and more evenly coloured.

4. Facial symmetry

Humans are innately attracted to symmetry in the faces of potential partners.

There’s no clear scientific evidence of the evolutionary reason for this preference, but it may be the same aesthetic effect that draws us towards symmetrical images in art and nature.

But whatever the reasons, overcrowded or crooked teeth can cause an imbalance in the facial features — something that can be corrected with a treatment like Invisalign.

5. Crossbites and overbites

Crossbites, overbites and underbites are all types of malocclusions — conditions where the teeth don’t meet together conventionally.

An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude past the lower teeth and overlap them — making people look older than they actually are.

And a crossbite involves teeth overlapping at different parts of the mouth, causing a crooked smile.

Treatments for adults and children can vary, but a device like an Inman Aligner corrects less severe cases and restores a striking straight smile.

Talking to your dentist about enhancing any one of these five cosmetic hotspots is the first step towards transforming your appearance so you can face the world with a fantastic smile.

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