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9 December 2023

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

Your Guide to Lifespan and Care – Knighton Dental Leicester


Explore the longevity of dental fillings with insights from Knighton Dental Leicester. Learn about key factors influencing their lifespan and discover expert tips for optimal care.


Filling Material Impact:

Discover the durability contrast between amalgam and composite fillings. Amalgam lasts 10-15+ years, while composite’s aesthetic appeal comes with a 7-10+ year lifespan.


Oral Hygiene Essentials:

Uncover the critical role of proper oral hygiene in extending filling lifespan. Knighton Dental Leicester emphasises the importance of regular brushing, flossing, and check-ups.


Size and Location Dynamics:

Understand how the size and location of fillings influence their durability. High-stress areas may experience more wear, a consideration Knighton Dental Leicester professionals address.


Combat Grinding and Clenching:

Learn how habits like teeth grinding impact filling lifespan. Discover proactive measures, such as nightguards recommended by Knighton Dental Leicester.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Harmony:

Explore the link between diet, lifestyle choices, and filling longevity. Knighton Dental Leicester advises on minimising sugar and acid intake for enhanced oral health.


Knighton Dental Check-ups for Proactive Care:

Prioritise regular dental check-ups at Knighton Dental Leicester for early detection of issues. Their experienced team ensures prompt addressing of wear, decay, or concerns.


Technological Advancements and Material Choices:

Stay informed about material innovations with Knighton Dental Leicester. Discover how advancements in dental materials and technology enhance the durability of your fillings.



Optimise the lifespan of your dental fillings with this comprehensive guide. Empower yourself with insights from Knighton Dental Leicester, ensuring a healthier, longer-lasting smile. Regular communication with your dentist is key to proactive care and optimal oral health.



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