What to expect from your dentures

Knighton Dental Leicester Denture Expectations


What to expect from your denture!


We want your dentures not only to function well but also look good. For us to achieve this, it is important for us to understand what results our patients are looking for. Patient’s expectations are all very different. Some patients may want their dentures to look more natural and replicate what their natural teeth looked like before. This might be by deliberately putting gaps between the teeth giving a more natural look.

Some patients what to achieve that perfect smile or a “ Hollywood Smile” with their new dentures. That’s why it is so important to discuss this with our patients before we start treatment, that way we are able to create the denture you want.
During your denture journey there are several appointments before we come to fit your final denture this allow us to ensure the bite, fit and cosmetics of your denture is perfect.

Before the fit appointment a dress rehearsal appointment is made which allows you to try the denture and see how it looks. At this stage we can fine tune and make adjustments to the denture to make sure you are completely happy with it. We can have as many rehearsal fits as you like until its perfect!

At Knighton Dental we use the most skilled technicians to make the finest of dentures. We listen to your needs to make sure we get the result that you expect.

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