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World Dental Congress — 3 teeth care takeaways from Copenhagen

Copenhagen Mermaid StatueOutstanding orthodontists and world-class smile surgeons winged their way to wonderful Copenhagen for the the 2018 European Congress on Dentistry and Oral Health on June 4th-6th this year.

As you can imagine, keynote speeches and exhibitions covered everything from adolescent incisors to tooth decay prevention for the elderly.

But we’ve gathered together three of the most interesting teeth care takeaways in one snack-sized blog.

1. Oral health and mums-to-be

Specialist Mohammad Shahbazi from Jackson State University shared his insights on oral care for pregnant women from a public health perspective.

His previous research into the prevalence of oral Mucosa Disorder amongst pregnant women in Iran underlined how important it is for expectant mothers to seek dental advice as early as possible.

We’re always happy to discuss the dos and don’ts of dental care during pregnancy with our patients, but for NHS information on teeth, gums and diet in this important life stage, take a look at this article.

2. Cosmetic dentistry

Next up on our highlight list is consultant orthodontist Hani Dalati from Health Point Hospital in UAE — he gave a fascinating talk on the changing role of orthodontists in the face of technological advances in cosmetic dentistry and rising client demand.

He emphasised that for some patients, simple orthodontic treatments can achieve the desired results, with more permanent solutions playing their part should problems progress further.

This was music to our ears because we always recommend the most appropriate bespoke tooth care solutions for every patient.

3. 3D Printing

Last but not least on our list of top-flight teeth care researchers is Russell Wang, Associate Professor at Case Western University, with his fascinating insights into 3D-printed dental jawbone implants.

In jaw reconstruction, 3D printing enables an unrivalled level of personalisation and rapid prototyping. The technology is still in its developmental stages, but the fact that viable 3D jawbones have already been printed with biocompatible polymeric materials is encouraging.

We’re already enthusiastic about the excellent results patients achieve from dental implants — so Russell whetted our appetites on what the future might hold.

Dental care advances at an impressive pace — but in order to provide you with the best care, we always keep abreast of the latest developments.

So here’s what we’ve learned:
  • Mums-to-be should seek dental advice as early as possible.
  • Simple orthodontic solutions can still be extremely effective.
  • 3D printing can take implant innovations to an impressive new level.

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